An Exclusive Perk from Sennheiser

Try the Sennheiser S1 Headset with NoiseGardTM when you fly with OpenAirplane

Now when you fly with OpenAirplane at select locations, you'll have access to 2 premium headsets, for free. No more lugging your own headset in your carry-on when you travel.

Here's a bit more about the S1, which features active noise reduction and suberb passive noise attenuation, and more comfort due to adjustable contact pressure and ear cushions.


  • Powerful active noise reduction and superb passive noise attenuation
  • Extremely comfortable to wear due to adjustable contact pressure and ear cushions specially designed for those who wear glasses
  • Well-balanced, low weight
  • Foldable ear caps
  • NoiseGardTM professional system for excellent speech intelligibility
  • Fail-safe operation - the headset can be used as a conventional passive headset in case of power failure
  • Control unit with a 3.5 mm jack socket for connecting audio devices or cell phones
  • Connected audio device is muted while ATC communication
  • Auto-shut-off extends battery life
  • Made in Germany