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Slipstream Aviation operates a fleet of four, beautifully modernized Grumman Cheetahs, and an equally impressive Piper Twin Comanche. All of the Grumman Cheetahs have Garmin 430 GPS and four place intercoms.

We're located inside of the FBO, Ambassador Jet Center, and benefit from their amenities: crew lounge, kitchen, computer room, and crew car.

-Each plane has two loaner headsets in it

-Ambassador Jet Center has a crew car

CFI Rate: $50.00/hr
CFI Ground Rate: $50.00/hr


Operator Procedures

Fueling Aircraft

Ask the line guys at Ambassador Jet Center or call them at 214-623-8800. Their standard procedure is to add fuel each night so the morning flights should find the planes fueled. Their instructions are to top off the Cheetahs with the standard tanks (37 gallons) and bring the fuel up to the tabs on the long-range planes (37 gallons to the tabs, 51 gallons fully topped off). If you’re taking a long trip and want full fuel, feel free to ask Ambassador to fully top off the long-range tanks.

Access to Aircraft

During Business Hours: Swing by our office to get the key to the planes.

After Business Hours: Let us know during business hours of your intention to take the plane after hours, and we’ll arrange to leave a key at the FBO for you to pick up.

Returning the Aircraft

During Business Hours: Bring the key back to our office.

After Business Hours: Slide the key under our office door.

Getting Reimbursed if You Buy Fuel Elsewhere

Get us a copy of your fuel receipt and we’ll reimburse you (usually by crediting your rental) up to the amount we’re paying at our local FBO. The current fuel rates at Ambassador Jet Center can be found at the front desk of the FBO or online at

Mechanical Problems at Another Airport

Call us at 817-658-5988 and we’ll work it out.

Securing Aircraft

Please tie the plane down when you’re done with it. If you’re going to another airport and are unsure of their tie down situation, please take two pairs of heavy, rubber chocks from Ambassador (our local FBO). At your destination, park the plane nose into the wind, and chock both main tires. This method is required due to the free-castering nose wheel on the Cheetah.

Local Airspace Considerations

Standard Departure Procedures

Clearance delivery frequency has been INOP at KRBD for years and probably isn’t ever coming back, so just use ground for everything.

Best Way to Get Flight Following

When the control tower is open, they are happy to arrange flight following for you. Just let them know your destination and desired altitude. Let them know on your first call to ground control. If you are flying when the tower is closed, give Approach a call as soon as you take off (125.2) and they’ll set up flight following for you.

Local reporting points

VA Medical Center, located 4 NM ENE of KRBD. It marks the corner of the surface area of class B airspace for Dallas Love (KDAL). Make sure you’re on the south side of the VA Medical Center and below 2,500’ MSL to stay clear of the class B in that area.

Typical TFR considerations

If you depart south or west, stay at 2,500’ MSL until clear of the class B. If you’re departing east, there is a lower shelf of class B that you’ll need to stay at 2,000’ MSL and south of the VA Medical Center to avoid. If you’re heading north, either get flight following and request to go over the top of Dallas Love (KDAL), or head east to Mesquite (KHQZ) then north. That gets you around the east side of the surface area of the class B.

Preferred IFR "gates" ATC wants you to file to

Almost without fail, you will be assigned DPs and STARs into and out of this area. Check for what people have been assigned recently; you’ll get the same thing, almost guaranteed. Don’t bother trying to file “No DPs or STARs” because they’ll just tell you the whole thing and you’ll end up doing it anyhow.

Local Airfield Operations

Taxiway/runway incursion hotspots

If you taxi from our ramp to runway 13, you’ll cross runway 17 at A4 on your way to taxiway B. Be aware that as you cross runway 17, the taxiway turns about 45 degrees to the right. If you’re not paying attention and go straight, you may end up on runway 13. Follow the taxiway line (it’s a little faded) as you cross runway 17 and you’ll be alright.

Traffic pattern altitudes

1700 MSL

Local Flight Planning Tips


The Cedar Hill towers is a very tall antenna farm to our SSW. ATC will probably mention these if you’re in that area.

Air carrier arrival paths to be avoided

Southwest Airlines is very busy out of Dallas Love (KDAL) and are frequently arriving from the South, Southeast, and East. Getting flight following is a great idea to aid in avoiding them.

Best airports to visit in the area

KTYR has a great diner (Skyline Café 903-593-7455, open breakfast and lunch) and a very nice air museum right on the field. KSEP has a close-by, authentic BBQ joint (Hard Eight BBQ 254-968-5552). Park on the ramp, hop in one of the waiting golf carts, and follow the signs to the restaurant. T82 has a terrific, old-school style diner, right on the ramp (Airport Diner Fredericksburg is the nearby town and is a neat destination with lots of history, shops, festivals, and dining. 11R also has a great airport diner with waitresses in poodle skirts and great shakes ( Blue Bell Ice Cream is located in the town and gives factory tours (

Best sights to see nearby from the air

Flying around downtown Dallas or Fort Worth are both possible and worth it. Dallas will require asking for a sightseeing tour of Dallas from our ground control who will coordinate with Dallas Love Approach control. If you ask for 2,000’ or below it’s less likely to be approved, but better sightseeing, and if you ask for 2,500’ or higher, it’s more likely to be approved, but slightly less great sightseeing. I’d recommend going for the 2,500’ or higher. If you don’t want to get as close and avoid talking to approach control, head NE at 2,000’ or 2,200’ (to stay just below the class B shelf), stay south of the VA Medical Center, then slowly veer north to White Rock Lake, skirting the surface class B area (keep a close eye on the airspace on the Garmin 430). Turn around over White Rock Lake and head back south. That route gives quite nice views of downtown without needing to talk to any controllers.

Nearby Stadiums

The new Cowboys stadium is pretty impressive. Flying due west after taking off will take you right over it. Right next to the Cowboys stadium is the Rangers ballpark, and Six Flags amusement park. You’ll cross Grand Prairie’s (KGPM) northern edge of class D, so just check in with them and let them know what you’re up to.

April 13, 2014, 10:51 p.m.

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