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Naples Air Center is located in southwest Florida on the Gulf of Mexico and is well known for its excellent year-round flying conditions.

Naples is a towered airport in class D airspace, located in the heart of the city and has some of the best facilities for general aviation in Florida. The airspace is considerably less congested than many other airports in Florida

NAC owns most of the aircraft they make available for rent. This keeps them invested in their maintenance, which they do themselves, in house. Naples Air Center has been authorized for more than 10 years to do warranty work on new planes from Piper and Cirrus.

• Flight Instruction
• Aircraft Maintenance
• WiFi
• Vending Machines
• Pilot Supplies
• Testing Center
• TSA Finger Printing
• European License Training and conversions

CFI Rate: $79.00/hr
CFI Ground Rate: $79.00/hr
Aircraft Rental Sales Tax: 6.00%
Misc. Items Sales Tax: 6.00%

Local Procedures Briefing
Naples Air Center
Naples Municipal Airport - KAPF

Operator Procedures                                        

Fueling Aircraft

Fuel is available on the Naples Air Center ramp by truck, contact NAC dispatch if you need fuel.

Access to Aircraft
Aircraft are dispatched through the flight school during regular hours. NAC staff will be happy to escort you to your aircraft on the ramp.

Returning the Aircraft
Secure the aircraft on its designated tie down, leave the aircraft’s clipboard, AKA “the can” in the plane, and if after hours, exit through the airport authority terminal.

Getting Reimbursed if You Buy Fuel Elsewhere 
Please note that NAC reimburses for fuel purchased off the field at only $2.50 per gallon. In addition to emailing a photo of the receipt to, please leave the receipt clipped to the outside of the clipboard, AKA “the can,” with the dispatch sheet, so that it’s easy to find.

Mechanical Problems at Another Airport
Procedure for handing any maintenance issue at other field may be found on the sheet in the aircraft’s clipboard.

Securing the Aircraft Post-Flight
Each tie down is marked with an aircraft’s tail number, so it will be east to return the aircraft to the spot you departed from.

The aircraft are parked very close together on the ramp. Please do not attempt to taxi through into parking, it won’t work. Wings will hit tails.

Caution Areas, Where Hanger Rash is Most Likely
IMPORTANT: You must push back the aircraft back into it’s parking spot. Please do not attempt to taxi through to park the aircraft. It may look like you have enough clearance to avoid hitting other aircraft, but experience has taught Pilots otherwise, in a harsh lesson that is both loud and expensive.

What Fuel Load to Expect, and How to Change It
Fuel loads are variable; the aircraft get topped off each night. NAC will try their best to respond to any requests if you need a specific fuel load for your flight.

Local Airspace Considerations                        

Standard Departure Procedures

Don’t turn out prior to reaching the airport boundary, and reaching minimum of 500ft AGL please.

Check AFD / NOTAMS for hours of operation of Naples tower.  

Best Way to Get Flight Following

Get assigned your squawk on from ground control on 121.6.  
You can expect a handoff to Fort Myers approach on 119.75.  
Flight Service may be reached via the remote on field at 123.6.  

Local Reporting Points
 KAPF Reporting Points

Typical TFR Considerations
None, but please note the ADIZ offshore. 


Local Airfield Operations                                        

Run Up Area
Plan to run up at the end of your assigned runway.

What Does Tower Want You Tod Do Before You Call?

  • Let the tower know your direction of flight if VFR.
Noise Abatement Procedures
Fly the pattern at 1,000 AGL please.  

Special Cautions for Flying the Pattern
NOTE: Runways 5 and 14 are charted as RIGHT PATTERN when tower is closed.

Airport Restrictions
Please do not fly into Everglades City (X01) at night, unless familiar with that airport, and highly experienced. It tends to be a black hole at night, seriously. 

Local Flight Planning Tips                                     

Noise Sensitive Areas
Please plan to fly the pattern 1,000ft. for noise abatement. 
Note the Everglades and Big Cypress wilderness areas are charted to the East and the Southeast, and you should plan to fly at 2,000 ft. AGL or over them. Not only will this help you from disturbing the wildlife, but also give you more options to find a chance to set down on dry land. 
Local Hazards
The swamps are a hazardous place to set down in an airplane. Note that you are not the top of the food chain if you have to ditch in the swamps. Please plan accordingly.

Beware of the cable in the R-2916 Restricted Area 87NM to the South . It’s attached to an aerostat tethered at 14,000 ft. MSL. No, you won’t see the cable in time to avoid it, and hitting it will end you. Stay out of the R-2916 Restricted Area.
R-2916 Restricted Area

Nearby Special Use Airspace
When flying to Key West, note the ADIZ between Naples and Key West. You can file a DVFR flight plan to transition the ADIZ, or be talking to controllers on a code. 

Unique Weather Challenges / Microclimates
Thunderstorms are typical on summer afternoons. It's Florida you know.

Local Terrain Considerations
Ocean and swamps are not good places to land. Please keep this in mind when planning your flight.

Best Airports to Visit Area
Key West ( KEYW, 96nm to the South )
NAC recommends flying first to Marathon, then on to Key West to limit your time over water. Plan on a minimum enroute altitude of 5,500 for better reception with Miami center.

Best Sites to See From the Air 
KAPF Local Tour
  • The everglades. 
  • 10,000 islands, along the gulf coast.  

10K Islands

Restrictions That May Apply to Any National Parks
Everglades and Big Cypress wilderness areas are charted to the East and the Southeast, and you should plan to fly at 2,000 ft. AGL or over them.
Wildlife Areas

Local Laws Not on the Charts
Naples bay bans seaplanes. Every plane can be a seaplane, once. 


NAC has life preservers available for rent. 

Aircraft listed is not the entire fleet. In a pinch, there may be other airplanes available to swap to if the need arises.


July 27, 2013, 7:36 p.m.

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Naples Air Center

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