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Boise offers pilots an unforgettable experience, between the winding Snake River and crossing into Canada Idaho offers some of the world’s best flying. Boise gives you the option of 10,000ft strips all the way down to 1500ft runways tucked away on the Salmon River. No matter what your skill level is, there is a runway for you.
How would you like to fly into the Frank Church Wilderness where the only access is by raft or plane? Offering a great opportunity to break out the fly rod or just enjoy a breath of fresh mountain air, JetStream’s aircraft and personnel are second to none, so come and enjoy Idaho!

• Crew car through Jackson Jet
• Loaner Headsets ($5 per rental)
• Monthly Burger Burn
• Four CFI’s for all around training including Back Country

• Call out fee for after hours is $25

CFI Rate: $77.00/hr
CFI Ground Rate: $77.00/hr


Local Procedures Briefing
Airport Name - KBOI

Operator Procedures                                        

Fueling Aircraft

Jackson Jet Center 

Access to Aircraft
Jetstream’s front office

Returning the Aircraft
Four marked parking spots to the west of the green toolbox and keys to front office

Getting Reimbursed if You Buy Fuel Elsewhere
Attach copy of receipt to aircraft log for reimbursement through invoice credit.

Mechanical Problems at Another Airport

Resolve through our maintenance program – 208-571-8594


Local Airspace Considerations                        

Standard Departure Procedures
Class C procedures 
Local Reporting Points
Firebird raceway, Marina, Lucky peak dam, and Star

Typical TFR Considerations
Fire season the TFR’s are 360 degrees of Airport

Routine Radio Position Reports
If heading North out of Boise 122.9 for the common Freq 

Nearby Stadiums

  • Boise state university, The blue grass field 


Nearby Sports Team Schedules

  • BSU football 

Local Airfield Operations                                       

Taxi to the Runway

Via taxiway A

Run Up Area
Firehawk for 10L/R, Deice pad for 28L/R
What Does Tower Want You Tod Do Before You Call?

  • Be ready with ATIS obtained and preflight run-up complete
Pattern Altitude


Local Flight Planning Tips                                     
Local Hazards
Back Country
Nearby Special Use Airspace
Moa and Restricted airspace south west and south east

Local Terrain Considerations
High Terrain to the North, exercise extreme caution. Required back country training in some instances.
Best Airports to Visit Area
Mccall, Sun Valley, and  Cascade

Best Sites to See From the Air
  • High desert to High Mountains
Restrictions That May Apply to Any National Parks
Several Wilderness areas to the North
Density Altitude Considerations
Most of the airports north of Boise are prone to very high density altitude


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Jetstream Aviation, Inc.

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