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Endeavour flight training is located at Opa-Locka executie airport, just 35 minutes from downtown Miami, 30 minutes from Miami beach, and 20 minutes from Miami international airport

A Cessna Pilot Center, they offer exemplary flight training and aircraft rental services

-Flight training
-Red Bird FMX (full motion) simulator for single and multi engine

CFI Rate: $57.00/hr
CFI Ground Rate: $57.00/hr
Aircraft Rental Sales Tax: 7.00%

Local Procedures Briefing

Endeavour Flight Training

KOPF - Opa-locka Executive Airport, near Miami, Florida

If any issues, call Freddy at (305) 310-0066

Operator Procedures                                        

Fueling Aircraft

Call  305 685 4646 OR radio 131.775 with aircraft tail number.

Always top off before and after flight.

Access to Aircraft

During business hours: Through the flight school office

After business hours and weekends: Through the front desk and Fontainebleau FBO

Returning the Aircraft

During business hours:

-Replace pitot cover, aircraft cover and tie downs

-Request fuel top off

-Return keys to endeavour 

After business hours:

-Same as above but return keys to Fontainebleau FBO

Mechanical Problems at Another Airport
Call Freddy at (305) 310-0066

Securing the Aircraft Post-Flight
Replace pitot cover, aircraft cover and tie downs. The aircraft cover is key key here. 

What Fuel Load to Expect, and How to Change It

Cannot defuel an aircraft. If you need less fuel let them know when reservation is being made with a note. The farther in advance the request is made, the more likely for an accommodation. 

Otherwise, fuel needs to always be topped off before and after a flight.

Local Airspace Considerations                        

Standard Departure Procedures

Call Atis at 125.9 

Taxi to a spot number (see airfield image below) 

Call ground at 120.025 stating you are at Miami executive and which spot number you are at. (See image below.) 

Follow grounds instructions 

After run up at runway call tower at 134.67 

Best Way to Get Flight Following

Request from ground before taxiing (tower is too busy to request in the air) 

Nearby Stadiums

  • Sunlife/Dolphins stadium – 3.3 NM N/NE of airport 

Preferred VFR "gates" ATC wants you to DEPART TO
East, West, or Northwest

Preferred VFR "gates" ATC wants you to ARRIVE FROM
East, West, or Northwest

Local Airfield Operations                                        

Taxi to the Runway

After Atis, taxi to a spot number 10 (see airport diagram in office), ask permission to taxi to the run up area first, then report when run up complete, then taxi to runway.



Run Up Area


Taxiway H, west side of the taxiway/North of runway 12 for 9L departure, south of Runway 12 for 9R departure

What Does Tower Want You Tod Do Before You Call?

  • Finished with run up. Ask for flight following while on ground
Noise Abatement Procedures
Only do run up by runway prior to calling tower

Pattern Altitude
1008 ft MSL
Special Cautions for Flying the Pattern
Runway 9R is very close to class B airspace. Don’t venture a mile south of the airport (keep downwind for 9R tight)

Local Flight Planning Tips                                     

Noise Sensitive Areas
Make sure to be at least 1000 ft above the following:
Opa lucka city – East of the field  
Miami lakes – West of the field  
After hours 9L and 9R are closed for noise abatement and then only 12/30 available

Local Hazards
TV antenna “farm” N/NE at 5 M. 1050 ft MSL in height 

Best Airports to Visit Area
FLL executive airport (KFXE) (To the North) with great pilot shop and restaurant. 
Marathon airport in The Keys  (KMTH) (To the South)
Everglades city airport (KX01) (To the West) with great crab during crab season
Best Sites to See From the Air
  • Miami coastline tour: Take off to the east, hit coast, fly south to key Biscayne then turn around. Have to stay at 1000 ft to avoid class B airspace. 
There is restricted airspace 30 M south of field for Turkey Point Power Plant (labeled as such on charts) 

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4340 NW 145th Street Suite 111
Opa-Locka, FL 33054
Endeavour Flight Training
Cessna Pilot Center  

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