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Boerne Stage Airfield is located 20 minutes from downtown San Antonio, TX in the picturesque Hill Country. With more than 5 aircraft available, last minute reservations are no problem! Boerne Stage has been serving the pilot community since 1986. Built by pilots, for pilots. We offer training up to Comm Multi, and even add on your glider rating! Come fly with us!

-Crew/ Rental Cars
-Comfortable FBO Lobby
-Rental Headsets $5 per
-Picnic Tables/ Observation Area

CFI Rate: $49.50/hr
CFI Ground Rate: $49.50/hr
Aircraft Rental Sales Tax: 6.75%


Operator Procedures

Fueling Aircraft

AvGas & Jet Fuel Tanks located to the rear of the FBO - fuel cards in Aircraft Binder.

Please fuel after each flight.

Access to Aircraft

During business hours: Employee at dispatch desk will issue aircraft binder to pilot.

After business hours: Binders will be left in locked office with keypad access. Key code will be made available with the reservation.

Returning the Aircraft

During business hours: Return aircraft binder to employee at dispatch desk

After business hours: Return binder to office via key pad access.

Getting Reimbursed if You Buy Fuel Elsewhere

Bring receipt in and amount will be credited from flight at current Boerne Stage rates.

Mechanical Problems at another airport

Call us first, then find maintenance on the field to survey/ repair the problem. All repairs will need to be coordinated through Boerne Stage Aero.

Securing Aircraft

Aircraft are to be pulled out of assigned hail shed spot by hand, tow bars are in baggage compartments. Use caution to avoid wingtip damage, come get help if you require assistance.

What fuel load to expect and how to change it

Aircraft are kept full of fuel. If an exception is needed for your flight, please notify as soon as possible.

Local Airspace Considerations

Best Way to Get Flight Following

San Antonio Approach on 125.1

Routine radio position reports

10 miles out, Right traffic 17, Normal uncontrolled airport procedures.

Local Airfield Operations

Taxiing to the runways

No access to runway at the approach end of 35, you must back taxi from midfield entrance.

Displaced threshold on 17: caution runway crossing at TDZ.

Cars use taxiway as well, but yield to all aircraft.

Deer in the vicinity evening hours.

Run up area

North end of 17 on taxiway by tetrahedron. There's a run up sign. Not by the FBO and please be considerate of others hangars.

Traffic pattern altitudes

2400 MSL/1385 AGL

Special cautions for flying the pattern

Right traffic for runway 17

Airport restrictions

No touch and gos

Local Flight Planning Tips

Noise sensitive areas

Maintain runway headings to 1000ft

Local Hazards

-Tower NW of Boerne Lake Apprx 10 NM from 5C1, 3048 MSL/1195AGL, Lights may not always be operational.

-Tower at Medina Lake, 11 NM SW of 5C1 3049MSL/ 1553AGL

Air carrier arrival paths to be avoided

ILS to 12R at KSAT Approach apprx 3500ft above 5C1

Best airports to visit in the area

KSSF Historic Stinson Airfield, while not 'classified' as an air museum, it should be! The life story of the Stinson family and war efforts here in San Antonio.

T82 Gillespie County with the Hangar Hotel and classic 40's Airport Diner

KAQO Llano for Cooper's BBQ

KRAS Mustang Beach for all the fun of the Texas Gulf Coast!

Best sights to see nearby from the air

Downtown San Antonio, Tower of the America's, Canyon Lake

Restrictions which apply to any nearby national parks

Avoid low flight near the coast where there are depicted national parks.

Other important information

Bring a lunch and sit at the picnic tables watching airplanes! (Michelle even has 'Rate a Landing' cards...)

March 16, 2014, 8:13 p.m.

Boerne Stage Aero Service is rated 3.5 out of 5 stars from 2 reviews.
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