N954AC1997 Cessna 172R Skyhawk
per hour

The Cessna 172R Skyhawk is possibly the most important light aircraft to enter production in the 1990s as it is the modern day development of the most popular GA aircraft in history.

The new 172R Skyhawk is based on the 172N (the previous major Skyhawk production model), but features a fuel injected Textron Lycoming IO-360-L2A engine. Cessna says it is significantly quieter than the O-320 it replaced as it produces its max power at only 2400rpm.
Other changes include a new interior with contoured front seats which adjust vertically and recline, an all new multi level ventilation system, standard four point intercom, interior soundproofing, and energy absorbing 26g seats with inertia reel harnesses.

The 172R features epoxy corrosion proofing, stainless steel control cables, a dual vacuum pump system, tinted windows, long range fuel tanks, backlit instruments with non glare glass and an annunciator panel.

Weight: 1653.9 lbs.
Moment: 64939.0


  • Lycoming I0360 SER 180 horsepower
  • IFR Equipped


  • Bendix/King KLN94 Enroute GPS
  • Bendix/King KAP 140 Autopilot
  • King KX-155A NAV/COMM
  • Bendix/King KT-76C Transponder
  • Bendix/King KR 87 ADF
  • King KMA24 Audio Panel


  • Comfortable seat covers
  • Cloth rear seats

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