N711DACessna 172
per hour

Clean tan leather seats with new carpet and panels... Very clean! IFR certified with excellent exterior lighting including wing tip flashing or solid light for landing/position lights with LED mid wing pilot side landing light. Coupled with standard red/green position lights and a belly red/white beacon this aircraft literally lights up the night sky! 180 HP Lycoming O-360-A4M with power flow exhaust. Parked in the hangar year round so you almost never have to remove snow or suffer extreme cabin temperatures.


  • -WAAS Garmin 430 with dual VOR/Glide-slope indicators.
  • -WOW! A Working clock!
  • -Garmin Audio Panel and Garmin Transponder with secondary Bendix COM/VOR receiver.


  • Tan leather seats with new carpets and panels.


  • No quirks but a fun fact: There are more aircraft in the oceans than there are submarines in the sky!

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Rent this plane for: $132.00 per hour