N6750MCessna 182P
per hour

The aircraft is immaculately maintained, and has a strong engine producing almost completely full power. It is well equipped with all kinds of glass avionics upgrades that make it a very attractive IFR training platform. Full CorrosionX treatment in 2018.


  • Garmin GTN-650 NAV/COMM/Approach GPS
  • Aspen EFD1000 Primary Flight Display
  • S-TEC S-TEC 20 Autopilot
  • PS Engineering PMA8000BT Audio Panel
  • Lynx L3 Digital Transponder Transponder
  • JPI EDM Engine Monitor Engine Monitor


  • Cloth seats, new upholstery done in 2017.


  • No quirks, but the aircraft is managed under Savvy Aviation, and for flights over 2 hours, I would like the plane run LOP. I can give any pilot the checklists and parameters for doing so.

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Rent this plane for: $175.00 per hour