N46VK1973 Baron 95-B55
per hour

Impeccably maintained, wiped down after every flight.

White with green stripes.

Useful Load: 1620 lbs (804 lbs with full fuel)
Empty: 3480 lbs
Max Gross: 5100 lbs
ARM: 78.3 in
Moment: 272,484 lbs-in
Fuel Capacity:136 gal


  • Garmin GNS-430 NAV/COMM/Enroute GPS
  • Garmin GNS-530 NAV/COMM/Enroute GPS


  • -Hartzell 3 blade props
  • -Two 260 HP engines
  • -Oxygen equipped
  • -Photo window
  • -Tied down on Atlantic Aviation's ramp at KAUS

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