N3354XMooney M20E
per hour

Fast, economical and very versatile 4-place single engine airplane with a newly overhauled engine. Standard features: 200 HP Lycoming IO-360A1A fuel-injected engine Reliable “Johnson Bar” manually operated landing gear – works normally even if engine or electrical system fails. “Power Boost” ram air function to increase manifold pressure at high altitude. Upgrades: O & N Aircraft bladder fuel tanks (64 gallons usable) Many speed mods (201 windshield & spinner, wingtips, gap seals, brake rotation, etc.) Hangared at KSHD Airplane cover (must be used if parked outside) Tie down ropes (in case destination airport is missing them) Fuel gauge tube and calibration card to fairly accurately measure fuel when parked on level ground.


  • Day/Night IFR certified (if you're flying IFR, please check with us to update GPS data) Garmin GNS 430W WAAS GPS/Nav/Com Insight G3 Engine Monitor with fuel totalizer, g-force display, vibration analysis (replaces Cylinder Temp and EGT gauges) Trig TT22 1090ES ADS-B Out Transponder MAC 1700 2nd Nav/Com (Nav portion INOP, Com works) Sigtronics 4-place intercom Combination resulting in 3-axis autopilot: S-Tec System 60 PSS pitch autopilot (Altitude hold, Vertical speed, Glideslope) with automatic Trim Brittain B-11 & B-12 Roll Autopilots (Wing leveler, Heading, Nav tracking) with Yaw Damper.


  • New Carpet and Leather Seats.

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