N196PS2010 PiperSport LTD
per hour

The SportCruiser is the sleekest LSA on the market. Every pilot that sees the SportCruiser immediately comments on its beautiful lines and stylish appearance. The cabin is cavernous at 47" (compare it to a Cessna 172 cabin at 39 inches). The all-metal construction and solid feel assure you it's a "real airplane", not an overgrown ultralight. From the luxurious leather seats, side panels, map pockets and center console/armrest, to the adjustable rudder pedals, you'll be in comfort for either a trip around the patch or a long cross country. The 100hp Rotax engine gives you exceptional performance with climb rates of 1000-1200 fpm even on the hottest summer days. Cruise speeds of 110-115 TAS are common, while sipping only 5.5 gph.

This aircraft features dual Dynon 7" glass panel avionics, auto pilot, BRS parachute, and in-cockpit weather capability.

EW: 851.4
CG: 16.44

You can find checklists, POH, avionics manuals and much more information online at http://

ussportaircraft.com/documents. You can also find out how to own your own SportCruiser or learn about our SportShares fractional ownership program at http://ussportaircraft.com.


  • Garmin GTX 328 Transponder
  • Garmin GPSMap 696 VFR GPS
  • Garmin SL 30 NAV/COMM
  • Dynon HS34 HSI
  • Dynon D120 EMS
  • Dynon D100 EFIS
  • Dynon AP74 Autopilot


  • • Dynon Glass Avionics
  • • XM WX
  • • BRS Parachute
  • • Electric Pitch and Roll Trim
  • • Dual Axis Auto Pilot
  • • 406 mHz ELT
  • • 12 volt Power Outlet
  • • 1/8 Inch Stereo Music input


  • • 4 Point Harness
  • • Adjustable Pedals
  • • Luggage Tie Downs
  • • Red/Black leather seats and side panels
  • • Center Console
  • • Carpeted floors, baggage areas and wing lockers


  • • 3-blade Woodcomp prop
  • • Wing Lockers


  • Do not leave canopy open for more than the time required to enter or exit the aircraft. It acts like a magnifying glass and can quickly cause burns on the leather glare shield if left in the sun.

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