N183PH2010 Cirrus SR22T
per hour

The speed, comfort, and safety of the Cirrus will make your next flight exploring the southwest, Las Vegas and Southern California a breeze.

• Air-conditioned
• Turbocharged
• FLIR Forward Looking Infrared Vision
• Certified known icing (FIKI)


  • Garmin Garmin Perspetive Avionics


  • Air Conditioned
  • Amsafe airbag seatbelts
  • Rosen Sun Visors
  • Xenon Landing
  • LED recognition lights
  • Oxygen
  • TKS Anti-Icing System
  • Ballistic Recovery Systems BRS parachute


  • Folding Rear Seats for golf clubs, skis, and/or snowboards

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Rent this plane for: $427.00 per hour