N1560H1975 Cessna 177 RGII
per hour

This is a Complex / High Performance (over 200 hp) aircraft. OpenAirplane pilots require a checkout in a similarly upgraded Cardinal RG or schedule your high performance/complex endorsement with us.

Empty Weight: 1738 lbs

Max Gross: 2748 lbs


  • Garmin GNS-430W NAV/COMM/Approach GPS
  • King KX165 NAV/COMM


  • -Garmin GNS430 WAAS
  • -King KX165 Nav/Com
  • -Built in 4 place intercom
  • -EGI Engine Monitor
  • -406 ELT
  • -Spidertracks flight following

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Rent this plane for: $235.00 per hour